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Some of the reasons why you should host with us

Topnotch Customer Service - You won't have to wait days for us to reply or to complete a task you request. We're here to solve your issues today, not tomorrow!

Reliable Servers - Not all servers are built equally! Our servers utilize technology such as RAID to prevent data loss in case of a harddrive failure. SCSI harddrives to provide long lasting reliability and fast access to data. Redundant power supplies in case of power supply failure. Server motherboard architecture designed by ServerWorks to provide memory integrity and redundancy to prevent data loss and corruption, among many other protective features. Furthermore, all servers undergo a 72 hour in-house burn-in process under extreme load conditions to guarantee long time stability before they are put into production environment. We would never put a flaky server in production! Make sure our competition has the same!

99.9% uptime - We provide highest possible uptime by deploying redundant network, storage, power, and air conditioning. A 24/7/365 monitoring system is in place to monitor each server every minute! Should there be a problem, we would know about it within a minute, and not when someone calls and tells us about it.

Lightning fast network - Not all bandwidth is created equally! We purchase quality bandwidth  to provide fastest access speed. Your visitors will enjoy their surfing experience.

Affordable prices - while some companies charge $5 or more per gigabyte of data transfer, with us, you only pay $0.50 or less, depending on your package; the higher, the less expensive. You get the best deal for the buck!

Experience - You can't provide topnotch hosting without experience; it's as simple as that. We have over 10 years of combined experience in Internet technologies. We know exactly what it takes to provide professional hosting to our clients.

Web-based Control-panel - Unlike with other companies, you won't have to wait for us to create your email accounts, password protect your directories, setup sub-domains, domain pointers, sub-accounts, and much more... with our control-panel, you're in control!

Free Technical Support- We strive to provide the best technical support in the industry. We understand the importance of technical help. Unlike other companies who will only resolve hardware problems, we will do our best to help you with any technical request with respect to your website and our servers. We have a much smaller client base than those of a big companies and thus are able to serve our client's needs much better and faster.

15-day money back guarantee - We make it easy for you to pick the best host! If you don't find our services suiting your needs, simply contact us within 15 days from account activation and we'll refund your money. We can only do this because 99% of our clients do not leave us for another host.

Still not convinced? we encourage you to go out there and see if you can find a better deal. Remember, cheaper doesn't mean better! 90% hosting companies are there just to make money, they don't care about you; it's the sad fact. We are different! we are here to make money by providing the best hosting service possible. We benefit from not one, but all of our clients! 

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